Wondering how to launch and improve sales channels across various marketplaces? Take advantage of Shopify Plus – the best multi channel selling platform. Read and find out more!


We perfectly understand your needs and goals – you want to sell everywhere your potential customers buy. What if we told you that now that is possible! How?

Shopify Plus allows you to optimize your sales channels across different marketplaces, social media platforms, and in real life. Keep reading and discover why is it the best multi channel selling platform!

Multi channel ecommerce contribute to native selling to marketplaces, online communities, social media sites, messaging applications, and more. The biggest obstacle, however, is managing all marketplaces and sale channels without a complication. With over 20 sales channels, Shopify Plus makes multi channel selling easy for both you and your customers.

The multi channel brands focus on 5 areas (each area integrates with Shopify Plus) and through an ecosystem of applications. The 5 areas are marketplaces, social media networks, messaging applications, comparison shopping, and online communities.

With Shopify Plus, you can list all of your items on the most popular marketplaces and largest social media platforms. The Shopify Plus multi channel selling platform allows you to use marketplace applications, integrate directly within the dashboard you are using or take advantage of a Technology Partner.

Shopify Plus is designed for mobile commerce. You can optimize your ecommerce site to drive more sales by customizing the look and feel. You can manage the customization across various devices. You can offer a better shopping experience by offering responsive storefronts, automatic discounting, and customized checkouts. The mobile payments are super easy for your to process. There are over 100 payment gateways including Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Shopify Pay, and others.

You can take your store anywhere you like and still be able to manage orders, inventory, and customer personal information on one backend. Thanks to the Shopify POS system you can bring your brand and items to live. You can present your store on live events, as a pop-up shop, and etc. You will be able to create an immersive shopping experience without the cost and complications of commitment. You will connect directly with your customers, show them your items, test new markets, and increase sales.

The future of commerce starts with Shopify Plus! If you are ready to sell across multiple sales channels – Shopify Plus is the way to do it!