What Is Multi-Channel Retailing And How It Benefits Small Businesses?

Multi-channel retailing is the process of selling products and services by using more than one sales channel. It involves moving beyond your website and using other channels such as Social media, marketplaces, physical store, and comparison shopping engines.

Customers use different sales channels to search for the best deals online. Some prefer shopping from marketplaces, others on Facebook and others on a physical store. Hence, as an entrepreneur, you need to take this opportunity and list your products to different sales channels to have a robust online presence. With this, you will provide a chance for customers to shop from their channel of choice which will enhance their experience. Here are 5 benefits of multi-channel retailing to small businesses:

Increase sales

The goal of every entrepreneur to start an online business is to increase sales. In this essence, you need to look for ways that will make your business successful. Each customer has his/her channel of choice that they believe to get the best products. Hence, if you list the products to different sales channels, you will increase sales as different customers will purchase the products. Also, some sales channels perform better than others. In this essence, you will not only deal with the poor performing channels but also those that will help you increase sales.

With multi-channel retailing, you will reach a massive number of customers

Customers play a crucial role in bringing your business to success. A business without customers can lead to losses and also diminish. Hence, having an opportunity to reach more customers is crucial as your business can grow. Because multichannel retailing involves selling both online and offline, you will reach both local and international customers. There are those customers who prefer to shop from a physical store. They want to touch and see the product.

Also, there are those that visit popular marketplaces like Amazon to get the best products and services. Hence, if you use different channels to list your products, you will increase the customer base.

More chances to use customers’ testimonials


Customers’ testimonials can enhance the purchasing decisions. Before a customer purchases your products, he/she must read other customers review. They must know how others feel about your products and services. Thus, using multi-channel retailing will give customers an opportunity to leave a review in each sales channel. With this, new visitors will view your as trustworthy sellers,and it will be easier to convert them to repeat customers.

Increase customers’ perception


Having a strong online presence will make customers aware of your products. You will make it flexible for customers to purchase your products and service and make payments. Hence, listing products on different sales channels is crucial as customers will easily find you. They can find you on Social media, marketplaces, and search engines. With this, you will get an opportunity to respond to their needs which will enhance their experience,and they will not purchase your products based on the price but the quality.

Better customer data collection

Multi-channel retailing is a business that everyone would wish to have. It gives you more opportunities to collect customers’ information. When customers place an order, you will get their information which you can use to send invitations of essential events. Also, you can send them coupon codes which they can use to purchase discounted products. With their email address, you can inform them of a new product in your store. With this, you can enhance their experience and increase sales.

Wrapping up


Multi-channel retailing offers great benefits as you will increase customer base and sales. Also, you will provide a high level of security. Most of the sales channels have PCI certification to protect customers’ sensitive data when making payments.